AARP Tax Prep

AARP Tax Prep

Call 262-891-3436 now to make an appointment to have your taxes done free of charge at the Center. Tuesday Appointment are full, but they have offered Thursday afternoon April 4. Please call BEFORE Thursday April 4 if you still need an appointment.

February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our February babies listed below!

1st – Fred Hisaw
1st – Larry Thomack
1st – MaryLou Wortman-Smith
4th – Connie Kirchner
5th – Gary Hollister
5th – Jerry Johnson
7th – Mary Esposito
8th – Martha Jocius
8th – Betty Ogden
10th – Denise Maki
11th – Bernice Stiehr

12th – John Poole
13th – Gerald Leslie
16th – Gail Gillmore
20th – Beverly Chudy
22nd – Georgianna Lambkin
22nd – Bea Walker
24th – Nancy Webster
26th – Gloria Baldeschwiler
26th – Judith Swatek
27th – Sharon Bradshaw
27th – Ralph Myers

March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our March babies listed below!

1st – Toni Scott
2nd – Kathy Meyer
2nd – Robert Sershon
2nd – Jackie Sherrill
6th – Debbie Melander
8th – Pat Schuth
11th – Karen Linton

12th – Jim Petrick
15th – Joyce Myers
15th – Debra Perrone
16th – Al Sommer
16th – Ron Routh
17th – Anne Neptune
17th – Pat Smith

18th – Darlene Bogda
23rd – Paul Morman
23rd – Kathy Nukkala
26th – Don Kurtz
28th – Mae Taylor
29th – Judy Bold
29th – Jackie Wermeling