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August Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of our August babies listed below! Come in the 2nd Thursday of the month for cake and ice cream right after lunch at 1 p.m. to celebrate.

3rd – Clarissa Martinelli
4th – Helen Clark
4th – Barbara Skillings
5th – Guy Novossel
7th – Alvin Melka
8th – Dorothy Ostrowski
9th – Paul Perks
9th – Cathy Reilly
12th – Pat Leslie
13th – Peter Morrison
15th – Carol Krase

15th – Cathy Morris
15th – Jack Morris
18th – Linda Kielpinski
19th – Brian Tym
20th – Clara Adamski
20th – Tina Rohleder
22nd – Jan Zielinksi
25th – Patricia Herberg
26th – John Snodgrass
28th – Ruth Atwood
28th – Martha Matson