WESTosha W-i-n-s!

WESTosha W-i-n-s!

Galloping in on a wild stick-stallion, team captain Joyce Myers led the Westosha Senior Spellers into the Kenosha Literacy Council’s 15th Annual Spelling Bee and then on to first place on March 28, 2014. Each team member entered carrying a sign that, read together, told the rowdy western-clad crowd, WESTosha Senior Spellers, Seniors s-p-e-l-l BEST, Out WEST, WEST of the I.

Westosha trophy & bobblehead bees

Team Westosha show off their trophy and bobble-head bees at the Kenosha Literacy Council’s 15th Annual Spelling Bee on March 28, 2014


And they meant it. By the end of the night, Westosha reigned supreme at western-themed event. Members captain Joyce, Sandy K. Jacoby, Dick Fish and Lynn Smith celebrated victory over seven other teams, having studied nearly 400 words like skeuomorph and the championship word fuliginate with the help of Ardyce Rogers and Elva Kurtz at practices held at the Center. A supportive bunch hooted, hollered and clanged a cowbell at the event including Ardyce, Elva, Debbie Waldron-Smith, Sandy Jacoby, Trish Fish, Ralph Meyers and Linda Lightfoot.

A silent auction, raffle, hors d’oeuvres, and heartfelt testimonials from four of the Literacy Council’s 600 adult learners rounded out the event with lots of serious fun for a great fundraiser. See more photos.