Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace

NEW! Ageless Grace Seated Exercise Class led by Debbie W-S
Our 45-minute class will exercise your body and brain in concert with concept of neuroplasticity brain fitness. Come in and check out our new fun fitness!

March Birthdays

March 6 at 1 p.m, enjoy cake, singing and fellowship as we celebrate all of us who were born in March:

2nd Jackie Sherrill
5th Bill Sokoloskis
6th Jerry Kotval
8th Joann Knottnerus
11th Karen Linton
15th Sarah Bazata
15th Joyce Myers
16th Al Sommer

17th Anne Neptune
17th Pat Smith
18th Darlene Bogda
23rd Paul Mormann
26th Phil D’Ascenzo
26th Don Kurtz
27th Maria Smid
28th Mae Taylor
30th Byron “Rede” Linton