Fitness Room

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Available any time the Center is open, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our Fitness Room boasts five HUR fitness machines. Pneumatically-powered to ensure a safe, quiet workout, each machine can increase resistance in one-pound increments. Or, use our smart-card system, which can raise the resistance to your desired levels and record progress.

Each HUR machine is ergonomically adjustable and has instructional posters describing how-tos, dos and don’ts.

Registration with indemnification and medical form is required prior to using the Fitness Room. Use of any equipment is done at your own risk. Doctor’s approval is strongly recommended.

Leg Press Muscle group: upper leg and buttocks. Push levers with feet.

Leg Extension/Curl Muscle group: thigh and calf. For extensions, place ankles behind rollers. For curls, place ankles on top of rollers.

Adduction/Abduction Muscle group: inner thigh, lower abdomen, buttocks. For adduction, press levers together with legs. For abduction, press levers apart with legs.

Push Up/Pull Down Muscle group: upper chest, upper arms, shoulders, upper backside of arms, middle back.

Abdomen/Back Muscle group: upper and lower abdomen; middle and lower back.

A recumbent bike allows seated leg work without knee stress.

iBalance machine improves balance by shifting body motion and weight to play video games.


A Nordic Track elliptical trainer plus treadmill allows walking or running indoors when the weather prohibits using the quarter-mile paved walking path that surrounds the Center’s property.