Fresh Air, Friends, and a NEW GARDEN CLUB!

We here at the Center are gearing up for some outdoor activities, one of which is our brand spanking new Garden Club! Gather with like-minded fellow travelers of this thing called life, exchanging ideas, plants and joy!

While our vegetables are in capable hands with our professional grower Jim Ford, we fear our flowers are in need of some tender loving attention.  We are looking for persons who would like to have some fresh air while beautifying our Healing Garden.  The Club would make sure that all flower beds are well watered, weeded and putting their best foot – or should I say flower – forward.  The Club would also help to maintain and harvest spinach, basil, cilantro and other herbs from the raised beds.  Decorating guest tables throughout the garden patio as well as maintaining a welcoming atmosphere in our Healing Garden for all visitors would also be avenues to share your gifts and talents during Club meetings. 

Once the Center opens, we envision the Garden Club hosting garden tea parties as well as holding monthly seminars to enrich not just your gardening knowledge but your love of the outdoors, flowers and other life pleasures. 

Experienced gardener? Great! Come share your knowledge.
No experience? Great! We can turn any thumb green.  

If this sounds like something you may be willing to commit to, whether it’s just one day every couple of weeks or one day a week, we would love to have you join us. Please call or email the Center. Leave your name and phone number, Laurie will give you a call! 
As the old saying goes, many hands make light the work. We look forward to hearing from you!