New Photography Class!

Photographs are physical memories, and we seniors value our memories!

We are starting a digital photography group at the Senior Center on Thursday afternoons. Led by professional photographer Joanna Carlberg, the group will aim to improve photography skills and answer questions. What do you want to learn to improve your photography?

We will dive into the settings on your camera, learn how to frame an interesting picture and use artificial and natural light. We will practice taking pictures of people, things, and nature.

Bring your own camera and learn how to use it better. Joanna also has a couple of spare cameras that you can use for practice in class. The best thing about digital photography is the instant feedback!

Come to the first meeting Dec. 1 at 1:30 p.m. We will decide when and how often to meet and see what topics people want to study.

Suggested topics:

  • Lighting: natural light versus artificial- when is a flash a handy tool?
  • Focus: how to emphasize the subject of your picture and when to use shallow depth of field to blur the background.
  • Printing your pictures: what you need to know when printing, versus sharing pictures on line.
  • Colors: how to compensate when artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lights, mess up the colors in your photos.
  • Framing pictures: learning to see. What makes an interesting photo?
  • Holiday snapshots: preserving your memories of a fun vacation or a holiday celebration.