Our Wish List

Office Supplies

• Copier/Printer Paper
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Hand soap
• Hand lotion
• Yellow highlighters
• Postage stamps
• Weekday subscription to Kenosha News
• Bingo prizes (Dollar store items)
• Dry erasers
• Battery tester
• 12mm 0.47” Label tape for Brother P-Touch model PT70 labeling machine
• Reusable quarter-sized sticky dots
• Wall mount putty
• White board magnets


• Electrostatic disinfecting sprayer and solution
• Cloth kitchen towels
• The Works toilet bowl cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Magic Erase cleaning pads
• Comet-style cleanser
• Disinfecting wipes
• Black duct tape
• Smoke detectors
• Carbon monoxide detector
• Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit (Telescopic hinged Swiffer duster)
• 30” x 15’ vinyl-backed charcoal rug
• Snow melt
• Floor buffing machine

Healing Garden

• Menards gift cards

Painting Art Class

Get started materials for new senior art students:

• Watercolor paper, cold press surface 140# weight water color tablet ~ for example, Masters Touch brand, acid free 15” x 11″
• Brushes including wide brush, flat brush with slant edge or straight edge
• Bulb brushes -several sizes ~ for example, Fine Touch brand
• Fine brush ~ for example, Artists’ Loft
• Colors – liquid watercolors or dried pan set like a school set. We’d like about 12 colors, but we can mix from red, yellow & blue, plus extra white paint.
• 3 cups or bowls to rinse brushes
• Bib aprons for painting
• Very fine (.05 micron tip) black Sharpie markers to highlight

• Clean kitty litter to dispose of paints and brush rinse water to preserve the septic system